TSA screener insists that full-body screening is mandatory

Sai, who is seeking an injunction against the TSA's new mandatory full-body screening test (but only for people they don't like), flew out of SEA-TAC on Dec 31 and was told that the full-body scanner was mandatory.

He refused to go through the scanner and he was refused boarding, his bags removed from the belt and returned to him. He demanded to see the TSA Transport Security Manager, who overruled the Supervisory Transportation Security Officer and said Sai could travel after a pat-down. However, the TSM demanded that Sai explain the medical nature of his liquids, which he is not required to discuss with the TSA. After more wrangling, his liquids were screened and he was allowed to fly.

Sai captured most of this on video, and he will be submitting it with an affadavit to the First Circuit, where his ongoing, pro se actions against the TSA are underway.

Sai v. Neffenger, No. 15-2356 (1st Cir.)

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