Naked Florida woman breaks into neighbor's house

Haley Blunt, 24, of Lake City, Florida, was charged last Wednesday with burglary after officers from the Lake City Police Department were dispatched to NW Hunstboro street there. One can't say they collared her, though, as when they arrested her she was reportedly completely naked—and bleeding from injuries sustained while breaking in through a window.

According to a press release, she lived nearby and had also left her young children unsupervised. Blunt was also charged with neglect.

Upon arrival, officers spoke with a victim who stated they heard someone knocking on the front door but, when
asked who was there, no one would answer. The unknown person then went to the sliding glass door and again
began to knock but would not advise who they were when asked. The victim called 911 and was on the phone
with communication officers when the unknown person went to a window near the front door, broke the
window and entered the residence. The victim observed officers arriving and left the residence to meet
responding officers in the yard.

Upon approaching the front door, officers discovered Haley Ann Nicole Blunt, 24, nude and bleeding from
injuries she sustained while breaking the window and entering the residence. Blunt was taken into custody EMS
responded and transported her to a local hospital for care of her wounds. Once released from the hospital, she
was transported to the Columbia County Detention Center without further incident.

Blunt was treated and later taken to Columbia County Detention center, adds Click Orlando.

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