Rethink and change your key situation with KeySmart

Keys just don't cut it these days in the high-tech world. You lose them all the time and when you do have them on you, they're not that useful for much other than getting from outside to inside. That's about to change. This old standby just got an upgrade from KeySmart and their new products are about to revolutionize what's in your pocket, unlocking a whole new era.


First things first: stop losing them. The KeyCatch is a tiny magnet that fits right beneath your lightswitch, so when you leave the house and hit the lights, you grab your keys. It's as simple as that, and now 18% off. It's a cinch to install – no drilling required – and can hold up to three pounds in case you want to hang anything else, or just have a weird number of souvenir keychains. Mount, magnetize, and never forget.

How many times have you tried to open something using your keys? From opening boxes or mail, to cracking a beer, to using one to twist or screw, it doesn't always go well. Luckily the Nano Tool is 16% off and makes you MacGyver on the go. It packs a ruler, wrench and screwdriver all in one lightweight keychain. There's even a nano socket to hold any drill bit, so no matter what comes up, you're down to fix it.


And lastly, stop jangling. No more standing in the dim light of a parking lot trying to figure out which key unlocks what. The KeySmart 2.0 is now 33% off and keeps everything in one slick, organized holder that can handle up to eight keys. The stainless steel makes it tough enough for any trip and it even packs a bottle opener so you can celebrate being way less stressed now that you have a whole new system for your unlockers.