My Friday Jam: "Everything She Wants," Wham! (1984)

"Somebody told me."

This is my Friday jam. "Everything She Wants," from 1984 by British pop duo Wham!. This is a perfect pop song, and you can buy it on vinyl.


It gives me wiggly dance-chills every time I hear it, and I was around when it first became a solid gold hit in 1984.

Dedicated to Jason Calacanis and my brother and our mom, all of whom have endured my passionate karaoke/dance renditions in various kitchens and dance floors over the years.

And now ya tell me that you're havin my baybeh!


The version above from Wham!'s VEVO YouTube account is the extended epic drama dance remix version with added tight close-up and longwinded bad romance rant from George Michaels. So so so very awesomely gay and eighties and drama. I miss these years.