Safely store your data and save 94% with 2TB of Genius Rescue cloud backup

If you've been blessed enough to avoid them yourself, you've definitely heard the horror stories. Late night, crushing out a ton of work, writing, coding, anything, then boom – your computer crashes. The battery blows, you spill water or coffee all over the place, or it just shuts down with no explanation, and you're screwed. That's why you need the Genius Rescue and you can get it now, pre-disaster and freak out, for 94% off. Don't wait 'til you're crying into your keyboard, get some protection in advance.

It's a breeze to install Genius Rescue on your computer and once it's there, it works so quietly in the background, you won't even know it's there. While you're hammering away at your masterpiece, it's backing up every single one of your files to the cloud. It's that simple. Your files are then synced so that you can view and work on them from anywhere, whether you want to hang onto your documents, pictures, videos or anything. With 2 TB of backup space, there's nothing you can't store.

Making changes? You can access up to thirty versions of any file so you can go back and keep it the same, even if it's way old. Even if you've discarded it, you can restore deleted files with Genius Rescue too and while that peace of mind should be priceless, you can get it now for 94% off. Check out the link below for more details on this incredible service.

Save 94% on a lifetime of 2TB of Genius Rescue in the Boing Boing Store.