Make your toilet a disco bowl with this glowing night light: Now 15% off in the Boing Boing Store

It happens. You felt a little parched and ended up downing a few too many glasses of water, (or let's be real, beers), before you went to bed. And now it's the middle of the night, pitch black and you're stumbling from your bed to the bathroom to pee. The last thing you want to do is flick on the overhead light because that will zap your delicate, sleepy eyes, but you seriously can't see a thing. We've all been there. Now, the IllumiBowl Toilet Night Light is 15% off and is about to save your butt when you pee late night.

You can finally see the bathroom in all is colorful, glowing glory. Using high tech motion sensors, the light turns off and on automatically as soon as you enter the room. You can set it to the color of your choice – a gentle, calming blue or perhaps a romantic red – or you can let the LED do the work with its color-rotate mode with eight hues to enjoy. You'll completely wow your guests when they walk in to use the facilities, with a light show bonus to their private time.

It fits on any toilet and snaps right on to the rim of the seat. It's splash proof and therefore naturally keeps clean. Have little ones? This is Godsend in terms of potty training. And for 15% off right now, why not make your bathroom the new hotspot in your house? Check out the link below to see this toilet light in all its glory.

Save 15% on the IllumiBowl Toilet Night Light in the Boing Boing Store.