Start Building VR and 3D Games Today: Save 92% on the VR and 3D Game Dev Bundle

Games are awesome. They were awesome when you were a kid, slamming buttons on the old Nintendo controller. And now games are extra awesome with all the technology at hand for mobile play and now, virtual reality. Today you can do more than just play with this Virtual Reality & 3D Game Developer Bundle that's 92% off. You'll learn from top experts how to build the most exciting games in the industry with hands-on experience. It's a whole new kind of fun.

These three courses together offer over 95 hours of content. Using the Unity game engine, you'll build 8 games, mastering C# and object-oriented programming concepts. From the beginners stage, you'll tackle basic scripts to create games using minimal code at first. With the Virtual Reality course, get an overview of fundamental concepts and even create a Google cardboard game for mobile. Then 3D modeling will teach you the Blender suite of skills to have you creating and moving basic shapes you'll need for game design. The quizzes at the end of each section will guarantee you've learned it all.

Because you're creating actual games here, your programming and design portfolio is about to look a lot more impressive. Show the work you've built to existing or potential employers for a whole new career now that all these courses are available for 92% off. Apply these skills to making your own games or to simply appreciating the fun that much more. Check out the link below for more details.

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