Five road trip essentials from the Boing Boing Store

Summer is around the corner, and that's what we like to call Road Trip Season. When you're ready to hit the open highway, you're going to need all the essentials with you in the car, and that means more than just road snacks. Here are the five must-haves to make your car a one-stop, no-need-to-stop shop.

ExoMount Touch Air Vent Car Mount

The last thing you need on a trip is to get lost. While you're navigating, don't be dangerously holding your phone or worse, looking around for it to check the map. The ExoMount is now 31% off and pops right onto your dashboard for perfect smartphone visibility. Use it to keep your music, maps and messages close while you keep your eyes on the road.

DashCam Hi-Res Car Video Recorder and Camera

Worst case scenario, you get into a little fender bender. Don't let your memory be your only ally, use the DashCam that's 71% off here that records your car's every move, so that you'll know exactly what happened – and who is responsible – should a problem go down. Its HD footage could be a life-saver.

Exocharge 3-Port USB Charger

When you're riding with your friends, everyone needs to charge their devices and you don't want to start fighting over USB's. You can get a 3-port charger for 25% off and rest assured that everyone can keep their batteries happy with this super-fast charger.

Car Plug-in Air Purifier

Road trips get long and let's be honest, the air in the car isn't always the freshest. Luckily this plug-in air purifier is 80% off and will clean up the air you're breathing no matter how long the trip lasts or what you've been eating. The built-in ionizer removes odors, toxins and even bacteria from the air so you can breathe easy.

Kinkoo 10,000mAh Car Jump Starter Power Bank

Finally, these are the cables that will keep your trip going no matter what happens. The Kinkoo jumper cables are 24% off and can restart your car's engine fast in case of any trouble. No matter how far away from a mechanic you ride, you'll be safe and sound with these battery revivers that last to up to 500 uses. Rock on.

All these essentials will have you hitting the road with peace of mind, knowing you're ready for anything. Check out the links for more details.