Learn Cyber Security Hacking and Pen Testing – now 95% off

We all want to make money. Discounting ways that end with you behind bars, here's some friendly advice: become an expert in a field everyone knows is important, but that very few fully understand. If you actually know your stuff, you'll have employers lining up to hire you – and offering to pay you handsomely for the privilege.

Cyber-security and the world of internet white hats and black hats is one of those fields. Hacking, cyber ransoms, online terrorism…companies need to protect themselves from such threats — and now, this giant 12-course bundle of Cyber Security Hacker & Pen Tester Certification Training (just $39, 95% off in the Boing Boing Store) will give you all the tools needed to be a business' first line of defense in this shadowy realm.

Throughout 117 lectures, you'll understand the mindset of a hacker as you deep dive into areas like threat modeling, cross-site request forgery, source code fuzzing, penetration testing and more. Usually, this coursework collection comes with a price tag just south of $800, but right now, Boing Boing shoppers can get it for about 95% off its MSRP.