Tom Hayden endorses Hillary Clinton

I don't care about too many people's opinions, in this year's democratic primary, but Tom Hayden is a politician I stop and listen to.

Hayden has been a radical activist, an anti-war protestor, California State Assemblyman, and State Senator, as well as a prolific author. While Hayden has written a number of books, he's best known as the author of the Port Huron Statement, organizing the Students for a Democratic Society, and was indicted on federal charges of conspiracy and incitement to riot at the 1968 Chicago Democratic convention.

Today Tom explains why he is changing his vote from Bernie Sanders to Hillary Clinton.

Here is an excerpt:

I am committed to building a united front against Donald Trump, and working with both Democratic and independent voters toward the best possible ticket and platform for the Democratic Party in November. But sounding out supporters of both Sanders and Hillary Clinton, I'm worried that terrible friction is brewing between the two Democratic camps left in this primary.

Democrats all have to unite to win the White House and Supreme Court this year, building bridges without permanent bruising or the confusion of divide-and-conquer.

The state of the race is in flux. Respect and support for Bernie are rising, though Hillary maintains a 212-delegate edge. As of April 3, The New York Times assessed that Bernie will need "landslide" victories in the battles ahead. He's certain to win more than the 16 states where he has already prevailed. Most of those states have been similar to Wisconsin, where 88 percent of the population is white, an enduring issue for the Sanders campaign. But of the major primaries that are coming up, several might be fruitful territory for Bernie. In New York, Hillary will need to tack towards Bernie on fair-trade issues or face losses in the Rust Belt regions of northern and western New York. Here in California, Bernie trails Hillary by six points, with 7 percent of the electorate undecided. And my sense is that California is winnable for Bernie. Lose or win, Bernie represents the most impressive independent campaign in American history, with the final chapters and legacy yet to be written.

Here is the full text of Hayden's letter, entitled I Used to Support Bernie, but Then I Changed My Mind.

My pets thank Tom for the Hayden Act. When I was a community college student, in Santa Monica, we had the good luck of having a huge student government and activities budget, managed by the students, which I was told was largely due to Tom's work in the Assembly or Senate. He also taught at that same community college, and I took his course on Spirituality and the Environment. It was a good class, he had us read Thomas Berry.

When Tom Hayden tells me he isn't voting for the more progressive candidate, I stop and listen to him.