MAGA genius reveals that JFK Jr is alive and selling pillows

Hooray for Elon Musk and Donald Trump's recent lawsuits aimed at shutting down the lying, mendacious mainstream media. Once The New York Times, CNN, MSNBC, and The Washington Post are razed to the ground, they can rebuild a MAGA news empire headed by real seekers of the truth, like this gentleman outside a Trump rally in Florida. He has photographic evidence that makes it clear to anyone willing to stop eating from the long newspaper spoon and see for themselves that Mike Lindell and JFK, Jr. are one and the same.

"So you think that Mike Lindell is John F. Kennedy, Jr.?" asks the Good Liars' Jason Selvig.

"Yes, I do," the MAGA truth seeker, resplendent in a knit USA flag beanie and a Lincoln T-shirt.

"You have a picture to prove it there," says Selvig, looking at a sign the man is carrying with side-by-side photos of Lindell-Kennedy in the 1990s and today. It's remarkable how a few pounds, a mustache, and a Minnesota accent make JFK, Jr. look so different!

"So this is a picture of Mike Lindell and John F. Kennedy, Jr.," says Selvig. "And so, what's the evidence here?"

"Well, the evidence is we're going to find out that people had to play certain roles to get the truth out to people," says the MAGA supporter. See, this is why the mainstream media is failing. They aren't using this guy's bulletproof journalism method of coming to a conclusion and then seeking evidence that supports it.

But Selvig, himself a tool of the mainstream media, tries disarming the MAGA man with a ridiculous question: "So, why would John F. Kennedy Jr. fake his own death and then assume the identity of a pillow salesman?"

But the MAGA man has done his homework. Selvig brought checkers to this guy's 7th-dimensional chess game.

"Well, you have to ask yourself, what was he running for?" he says. "He was running for a seat in New York. Who won that seat? Was it Hillary Clinton?"

Checkmate, Selvig. Check. Mate.


A guy at the Trump Rally in Miami said Mike Lindell is JFK Jr. #fyp #what #miami #florida #wtf #big #tglnyc

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