Uh-oh. Donald Trump thinks Hillary Clinton used acid that "destroys everything within 10 miles" (video)

Donald Trump's outlandish drivel has entered the realm of pure supervillain fantasy fit for the Marvel movie franchise. Speaking on Newsmax last night, the imaginative ex-president spoke about chemist Hillary Clinton, the evil genius who formulated a special acid that will "destroy anything within ten miles."

"By the way, they released Hillary Clinton. … She used all sorts of acid testing and everything else," he told host Greg Kelly, who pretended with nods that this conversation was normal.

"They call it BleachBit, but it's essentially acid that will that will destroy everything within ten miles," said the bleach-obsessed crackpot who, when president, suggested people might want to inject the same stuff as a cure for Covid. (See video below, posted by Acyn.)

"I mean, what she did was unbelievable," he added, having a nanosecond of clarity before diving back into fantasyland. "Nothing happens to her, nothing happens to Bill Clinton — he took it out in his socks. You know, there was the Famous Socks Case…"

But now he's jumping ahead. One blockbuster at a time, sir. I'm still waiting to hear how many lives were lost to the mad scientist's dastardly concoction.