Concerned Texas gentleman patrols ladies' restroom, tells woman "You're dressed like a man"

This fellow has volunteered to make sure the people who use a women's restroom in Texas look and dress the way he and other frightened jackasses want them to look and dress.

From Jezebel:

Reporter Eric Nicholson writes that the video was shot by Jessica Rush at the Baylor Medical Center in the suburb of Frisco on Thursday. (Full disclosure: I used to work at the Observer and Eric is my friend.) Rush was born female. She identifies as a woman. She was in the right place, bathroom-wise, but because she had on basketball shorts and has short hair, the dude had to check things out.

"You didn't look like a girl when I saw you enter," he explains, from the door of the bathroom. "I thought you was…"

"A boy?" Rush responds dryly.

"Yeah, it was kind of confusing," he says. And then: "It's difficult. You're dressed like a man. You're dressed like a man."