Last Chance to trade Word for Scrivener 2: The award-winning writing app

You may not love Microsoft Word, but you've definitely used it. Other than being one of the most ubiquitous programs on the planet, it's been the go-to word processing system for more than a quarter-century because it's as basic as it gets. But occasionally, you've got assignments that beg for a lot more options than simple line justifications and spell checking.  Maybe you're writing a screenplay or instruction manual that requires deeper specialization. Or you've got a document with a host of elements that demand extra organizational assistance.

Where Word ends, Scrivener 2 picks up the baton – and right now, it's only $22.50 (50% off its regular price) in the Boing Boing Store. Fire it up and immediately you'll see how Scrivener's project-management-based environment and aid functions can automatically adapt to the work style you prefer best.

If you want to organize your thoughts before writing, no problem – Scrivener allows you to jot notes in a storyboard format, document your revisions and even look up research that could add another layer of depth to your project. If you want to write first and let all that editing and revision stuff take a backseat, you can do that too. Scrivener 2 adjusts to your workflow, offering up its bevy of specialized helping tools whenever you're ready.

Choose between Scrivener 2 for OS X ($22.50) or Scrivener for Windows ($20) and with both at 50% off, you'll never find a better time to ditch Word and get with Scrivener 2.