Blumoo turns your mobile device into a universal remote and it's 47% off

Why buy one of those expensive and confusing universal remotes, clogged with enough buttons to launch a space shuttle, when you could accomplish the same electronic control right on your favorite mobile device? The Blumoo Universal Remote, now just $52.99 in the Boing Boing Store, harnesses the audio power of all your household equipment right into any iOS or Android smartphone or tablet (even an Apple Watch), offering just the mediascape you want with a simple, one-touch interface.  

Plug it in, download the Blumoo app and within minutes, it immediately wraps your home's audio capabilities under a 150-foot sphere of control, allowing you to control equipment, stream music from  iTunes, Spotify or Pandora or find shows or movies for viewing.

The Blumoo functions with over 250,000 different audio and video components and even enjoys support from Alexa on Amazon Echo, Dot, Tap, Fire Stick & Fire TV. Once you've got all your home components and devices synced through Blumoo, you can even use Alexa to have your entire home entertainment system voice-activated.

Blumoo also offers an interactive channel guide customized to your cable or satellite TV service, allowing you to search shows right from the Blumoo app.

Ditch the mountain of remotes and start enjoying the streamlined world of life with Blumoo now at 47% off its MSRP.