The FIXD Active Car Health Monitor puts a virtual mechanic in your smartphone for only $38.95

For most of us, there are few feelings of deeper hopelessness than waiting for a car mechanic to tell you what's wrong with your car. With all the electronics packed into today's automobiles, it's virtually impossible for the layman to diagnose his own car problems anymore. Avoid that uncertainty with the FIXD Active Car Health Monitor, now just $38.95 in the Boing Boing Store.

FIXD is a small sensor that plugs easily into practically any vehicle manufactured after 1996. Once it syncs via Bluetooth to your smartphone, FIXD can assess any check engine light that pops up, then translate it into simple terms for non-gearheads to tell you exactly how seriously you need to take your car problem.

Rather than worrying about your vehicle's safety or a huge mechanic's bill, FIXD will ease your anxiety by letting you know what'll happen if you keep driving with the problem and what repairs need to happen to get your car or truck back in tip-top shape. FIXD can even turn off your check engine light, a procedure that previously could only be handled by an auto repair professional.

Even without concerning warning lights, FIXD keeps helping, tracking and alerting you when your vehicle needs scheduled maintenance. This unit also lets you remotely monitor all your family vehicles so you'll always have peace of mind knowing the wife and kids are all driving safe.

Get the FIXD Active Car Health Monitor now at 20% off its regular price.