Start a DevOps career with this all-inclusive Hacker Bundle – now only $29

For the uninitiated, DevOps is a fairly new tech field focused on getting a project's programmers and operation engineers on the same page. The goal: to ensure they can seamlessly collaborate from the very beginning of a given project.

And as those in this rapidly expanding field can attest, companies are finding tremendous value in DevOps masters who can bring together two very different sides of the tech industry into a cohesive unit.

You can be your company's DevOps "snake charmer" – or find the start of a new career – with this DevOps Hacker course bundle, now on sale in the Boing Boing Store for only $29.

Through 13 hours of content, you'll become familiar with DevOps procedures and closely study Docker, a platform designed to help you build software that'll run smoothly and quickly in any environment.

You'll cut your DevOps teeth building customized Flask and Ruby on Rails apps, then learn how Amazon Web Services' (AWS) cloud platform works with Docker to streamline your software and development of your app products.

Open a new career opportunity with the DevOps Hacker Bundle, discounted at only $29 for a limited time.