Become a master copywriter with this 5-course bundle – and pay whatever you want for it

It's one thing to dream up a business idea, and quite another to successfully get it off the ground. But how to ensure your idea gets the attention it deserves?

One way: this comprehensive Marketing Copywriter course bundle – available for any price you want to pay.

Here are the included courses ($285 total value):

  • Facebook Marketing for Small Businesses
  • Twitter Marketing for Small Businesses
  • Effective Copywriting Principles
  • Intro to Marketing Analytics
  • Improve Your Business Writing

Here's how it works: pay any price, and you'll get access to two courses. But pay anything over the average price paid, and you'll receive three additional courses of premium marketing instruction.

With this full course package, you'll understand how to lure customers, why they're coming, and how to keep them. A $285 value, this full Marketing Copywriter Bundle is available for whatever price you want while this offer lasts.