Make your own fortune telling fish

Ah, the magic fortune telling fish! If it curls one way, you are certainly one sort of person! If it curls the other, you are another! Magic, right?

We've spent the morning making our own fortune telling shapes! All you need is some cellophane.

How does it work? I always thought it was body heat, but this simple morning distraction taught both my daughter and I that cellophane is hygroscopic! The sodium polyacrylate that cellophane is made of seeks out water, and as it absorbs even trace amounts — like from the palms of our hands — the molecules start changing shapes! The fish starts writhing around!

Cutting out your own is a lot of fun, but lacks the cool packaging of the traditional!

Hygloss Cello Sheets, 8.5 by 11-Inch, 48-Pack via Amazon

The Magic Fortune Telling Fish (pack of 10) via Amazon