Crowdfunding for a "live-coded" album of algorave music

Alex AKA Yaxu writes, "I co-founded the Algorave movement. Now I'm working on an album of live-coded algorave-style music."

"As well as digital download it'll be available in the form of a pi zero with high quality audio card, allowing people to remix special versions of the tracks with the TidalCycles live coding environment that I created and is now a free/open source project."

TidalCycles gives you a way of making pattern with simple bits of code, so you basically make music with text, through live coding. It's free/open source software, and I'll be working on it to make Spicule, so you'll be supporting a project which anyone will be able to benefit from.

The album will be released with label Computer Club, with the help of designers Human and makers Pimoroni, an amazing team from across Sheffield UK. We've got this idea to make a little device running the software, which will also run the algorithms that make the music, so you'll be able to change and remix it by playing with the code. Watch out for that and other new exclusives soon.

This campaign is supported by Sound and Music, the national agency for new music.

Thank you for choosing algorithms.

Algorithmic, hyperreal, broken techno.