Dallas police shootings and #blacklivesmatter

Here's the kernel of Vi Hart's #blacklivesmatter video, on how we remember the dead: "The officers who were killed are being treated with dignity and respect as they should be. No one reported about those officers' past infractions or how many complaints had been made against them or their family members' criminal records."

No politicians spoke out in support of the killer, the NRA didn't put out a statement supporting his second amendment rights, and televised news didn't replay the footage of their deaths over and over and over speculating that maybe they would have lived if they'd just taken cover here or had worn different equipment, no one speculated whether a medical condition may have contributed to any of the officer's deaths. There's no campaign raising hundreds of thousands of dollars in support of the man who shot those officers, he's not on national news telling his side of the story in some twisted mockery of fair and balanced reporting, the man who committed these killings was blown up by a robot.

Context for Black Lives Matter
[Vi Hart]