8-Bit Cinema: great films reimagined as classic video games

We've featured David Dutton's 8-Bit Cinema many times over the past 8 years, but this astounding showreel demonstrates that his canon is wider, deeper and cooler that you might realize.

The incredible thing about Dutton's videos — which take the form of paleo Let's Play videos for videogames that never existed, but which might have been made as video games if these movies had existed in the golden age of home games consoles — is just how much fun the nonexistent games appear. Watching these clips makes me want to exist in the Dutton Continuum, and to retreat into a cheeto-dusted haze of thumbsticks and four-way controllers for an entire wasted youth.

If you're taken by this showreel, don't miss this playlist of 60 8-Bit Cinema videos, from Finding Nemo to The Shining to Inception.

(via JWZ)