Hotels that'll take your huge dog

Traveling with a giant breed dog can be tough! While lots of hotels have one or two rooms set aside for people traveling with their canine, eye pop out when a Great Pyr walks in. The folks at It's Dog or Nothing have shared a few pointers and a short list of national chains that'll take you and your big pal.

La Quinta hotels are their top choice:


Hands down, this is our number one choice. When we know where we plan to stop for the night, we will do a quick search for a La Quinta. If there isn't one where we planned to stop, we will often change our plans to find one. With over 900 hotels in North America, there's always one around the corner.

Not only does La Quinta allow multiple giant breed dogs, but their rooms are great. Every room we've stayed in has had a fridge and a microwave – if you have food sensitivities you know how important this is! Add on a free continental breakfast and I have a happy husband (and puppies because he always gets them some bacon!).

Mostly Nemo and I camp in our VW van, when we travel, but hotel stays can be hilarious.