Citizen pulls over Texas State Trooper for speeding

Phillip Turner was on his way to court to fight a traffic citation when he noticed a Texas State Trooper speeding past him. Turner followed him, flashing his headlights at the trooper until he pulled over. The trooper apologized to Turner, who recorded the encounter.

Turner said on YouTube:

I will say this officer was very respectful, honest and owned up to the mistake. He was very professional and I strongly believe this is how officers should behave when they are confronted for doing something wrong. However, the issue I have is that people get citations for speeding all the time I think everyone should be held to the same standards. Throughout all my encounters with police, I believe more cops should mirror his professional attitude.

Turner is a police accountability activist. From MyStatesman:

Turner typically records police activity for the police accountability news site Photography is Not a Crime. Earlier this year, Turner's footage helped direct police to a man who Turner saw grip what appeared to be a handgun during a fight downtown on the last night of this year's South by Southwest Music Festival.

Turner is also suing the city of Round Rock and several Round Rock police officers who arrested him for not identifying himself while he was recording in front of the police station.