Drunken gentleman on a high-speed train threatens the engineer with a fire extinguisher for speeding

A sloshed gentleman thought the high-speed train he was traveling on was moving too fast and became aggressive, grabbing a fire extinguisher and smashing a window in hopes of saving the day.

According to USA Today:

Police say passengers said the man took a fire extinguisher off the wall, smashed a glass door separating the cab from the passenger compartment, and told the shocked driver the train was going much too fast and he had to save the passengers.


Federal police said the ICE train operated by Germany's Deutsche Bahn stopped near Frankfurt after the incident Sunday morning. The 30-year-old man from Heideberg, who wasn't identified, was arrested and faces an investigation into dangerous interference in rail traffic, among other things.

Fortunately, his heroic act did not injure any passengers.

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Cop chases speeder so hard his car catches on fire

A speeder! A cop! A high speed chase ending in a police cruiser catching on fire! Honestly, this video has everything. Read the rest

Citizen pulls over Texas State Trooper for speeding

Phillip Turner was on his way to court to fight a traffic citation when he noticed a Texas State Trooper speeding past him. Turner followed him, flashing his headlights at the trooper until he pulled over. The trooper apologized to Turner, who recorded the encounter.

Turner said on YouTube:

I will say this officer was very respectful, honest and owned up to the mistake. He was very professional and I strongly believe this is how officers should behave when they are confronted for doing something wrong. However, the issue I have is that people get citations for speeding all the time I think everyone should be held to the same standards. Throughout all my encounters with police, I believe more cops should mirror his professional attitude.

Turner is a police accountability activist. From MyStatesman:

Turner typically records police activity for the police accountability news site Photography is Not a Crime. Earlier this year, Turner’s footage helped direct police to a man who Turner saw grip what appeared to be a handgun during a fight downtown on the last night of this year’s South by Southwest Music Festival.

Turner is also suing the city of Round Rock and several Round Rock police officers who arrested him for not identifying himself while he was recording in front of the police station.

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Cunning malware scam targets drivers whose GPS data is leaking

A Philadelphia-area police department is warning locals about fake emails sent in its name to try and get people to install malware. The clever part: the emails contain accurate speeding data, targeting drivers whose GPS data is leaked to the scammers by shady apps.

It's suspected that the data is coming from an app with permission to track phone GPS data. That could either be a legitimate app that has been compromised, or a purpose-built malicious app that was uploaded online. As anyone who has used a GPS navigator knows, location data can be used to roughly calculate your travel speed. The emails ask for payment of the speeding ticket, but no apparatus is set up to receive such fines. Instead, a link that claims to lead to a photo of the user's license plate instead loads malware onto the user's device. This particular scam appears to be hyperlocal at the moment, however, it does show how these scams can progress. Like con artists, most of these scams rely on fooling users into thinking they're from a legitimate source.

An example email:

From: Speeding Citation To: (Accurate Email Removed) Date: 03/11/2016 03:08 PM Subject: [External] Notification of excess speed First Name: (Accurate Name removed) Last Name: (Accurate Name removed) Notification of excess speed Route: (Accurate Local Township Road –removed) Date: 8 March 2016 Time: 7:55 am Speed Limit: 40 Detected Speed: 52 The Infraction Statement contains an image of your license plate and the citation which must be paid in 5 working days.

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