Speed camera in school zone results in 1,300 tickets in 5 weeks

In Eustis, Florida, police chief Craig Capri was concerned about the safety of the town's elementary school students. Cars were flying down the street outside the school putting the kids' lives in jeopardy every day. So he pushed to have a speed camera installed.

First, the cameras triggered warnings to be sent to drivers exceeding the posted 40 mph school zone limit. A bit later, they began to issue $100 tickets. After just five weeks, the police department sent out 1,300 citations.

"I didn't think it would be that high honestly," Capri told Click Orlando. "I figured the warning would have sent the message. Hopefully, the warning would have curtailed that behavior. Evidently, the warning didn't do the job."

Capri stated that all the revenue will be allocated to enhancing public safety. This includes upping the number of crossing guards, additional signs, and—yep—speed cameras in other school zones.

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