Speeding driver argues with cops, ends up in Hannibal Lector style wheelchair (video)

In this police bodycam video, we see a gentleman who was pulled over by two police officers for speeding. For some reason, the driver wants to get into an argument with one of the cops about whether he was actually pulled over. The driver insisted that he hadn't been pulled over. The officer explains to the man that, yes, he really did pull him over. "I have lights on my car. I'm a police officer," he says. He then asks the driver for his license, insurance, and registration. The driver gets upset at the cop for changing the subject. He wants to keep discussing the important issue of whether he had been pulled over. "I pulled over when I saw there was a cop behind me," he says, which is different from being pulled over in his mind.

As you might expect, the driver's refusal to give the cops his papers turns what might have been a simple traffic stop into an arrest. When the man is handcuffed, he turns to ask the officers, "What is this all about?" One of the cops tells him not to turn around, but the man keeps turning around, anyway. He ends up pinned on the parking lot, threatening to "kick the ass" of the "bitch" cops. As they attempt to put him in the patrol car, he says, for the record, "you didn't pull me over."

When backup arrives, the officers struggle to get him into the car, but finally succeed after threatening to tase him. They transport him to the police station, where a Hannibal Lector style wheelchair with arm and leg restraints is waiting for him. As they strap him in, he affects a good-natured British/Australian accent and asks the officers if they've had a good day.