The guy who started Serbia's ethnic cleansing led a pro-Trump rally in Belgrade

Vojislav Seselj, leader of the Serbian Radical Party and loud-mouthed bigot whose racist invective kicked off Serbia's horrific ethnic cleansing campaign, led a pro-Trump rally in Belgrade to protest the state visit of Democratic VP Joe Biden.

The activists, led by the head of Serbia's ultranationalist Radical Party, Vojislav Seselj, chanted "Donald Trump!" and marched outside the country's Parliament wearing t-shirts bearing the name and likeness of the American candidate.

Speaking to his supporters in somewhat broken English, Seselj said that the message for Serbian-Americans was simple: "Vote Trump, for future of Serbia." In his own language he told Reuters later: "Trump is the alternative to globalization. He will destroy old centers of power in the United States and he is a supporter of Russia." The Serb nationalist also praised Trump for "restoring American pride."

Serb Who Inspired Ethnic Cleansing of Bosnia Leads "Vote Trump" Rally in Belgrade
[Robert Mackey/The Intercept]