eBay auction shouts STOP! STOP! STOP!

r/videos rediscovered a remarkable (albeit old) video of an eBay auction for a DVD "backing card"—the art from the box—that warns browsers in no uncertain terms that they are not getting the movie itself.

When you think about it, it's amazing how skeevy eBay is. You can just dump in random HTML, and there's a whole third-party ecosystem of roach-motel auctioneering tools to help you make it even skeevier.

eBay's skeeviness is baked into the design to such an extent that for problematic categories of item, it's hard to be completely sure even the most honest descriptions have been read. Shockingly loud audio screaming at the visitor is one way to accomplish that!

The seller died in 2012. But on the internet, nothing ever dies.