These programming skills will give you a competitive edge

The tech industry is constantly innovating, and in order to stay competitive, you'll need to keep up. The Programming Into the Future Bundle was created to teach you the skills employers are looking for at this very moment, including in-demand coding languages like Google Go.

The bundle of courses includes instruction on a range of innovative tools that advanced coders use daily, including:

Node.js - This server-side JavaScript environment creates real time web apps, builds APIs, and streams applications.

Angular 2 - This JavaScript library gives you a competitive edge in UI/UX design, web development, and scaling apps and programs across platforms.

Google Go Programming - This open-source language developed by Google is used in many Google (and non-Google) apps.

With 42 lessons in many forward-thinking programming languages and tools, this bundle will help you catch the eye of any startup or top-name enterprise company you’ve got your eye on.

Plus, this is a Pay What You Want based deal. Meaning, if you beat the average price, you'll get the entire bundle. If you pay less than the average price, you still get something awesome. But don’t wait too long: this deal ends in just a short 5 days.