Cut cable and watch virtually limitless TV and movies with SelectTV

While Netflix and Hulu have seemingly dominated the streaming market with their limited selections, we've looked a little outside the box and found something pretty great as an alternative. SelectTV combines all the content of cable with the convenience of streaming, and it's affordable too.

SelectTV is an online subscription service that packs an impressive library of over 300,000 TV episodes, 200,000 movies, and 5,000 live channels from around the world (although we have to let you know some of the shows and movies are limited without paying extra). It's the biggest library of content out there today, and you can access it all from any device you want.

With its curated channels, full calendar of live events and sports, and TV connectivity, SelectTV is truly providing a service that is hard to find elsewhere.

SelectTV has been featured in USA Today, Forbes, The Huffington Post, and other major publications. So whether you're into sitcoms, dramas, or rom-coms, you'll definitely find what you're looking for. Right now it's just $19 for a 1-year subscription in the Boing Boing store.