Today is the day to call Congress about the TPP [PLEASE SHARE!]

Even though both parties' presidential candidates say they oppose the Trans Pacific Partnership — the secretly negotiated "trade" deal that lets corporations sue governments to repeal their environmental, labor and safety laws if they hurt profits — Obama's plan to ram through a vote before the election is alive and well.

Today is the day to call your member of Congress and explain how much this matters to you — today, weeks away from an election, is one of the few days that elected representatives really care what their constituents think of their actions. EFF's action center will help you call your congresscritter with a few clicks, and the call will take only a few minutes. It's the difference between a democracy that can be held accountable to people, and one where corporations literally get to veto laws they don't like.

It's now or never for the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). It's almost certain that if the TPP can't pass during the lame duck session of Congress in its present form before the new President takes office, it won't pass at all.

You may also have heard that a lame duck vote on the TPP is off the table—but that's false. In fact, the administration's pressure for such a vote to take place following the election has never been greater. Officials held a new round of meetings just last week with business interests to encourage them to sell the flawed agreement to an increasingly skeptical public and Congress. So you shouldn't believe for a moment that the TPP can't still pass within the next few months. It can.

TPP Goes Down to the Wire: Help Stop It by Joining Our Call-In

[Jeremy Malcolm/EFF]