Cat Rackham comics are as miserable as they are wonderfully addictive

Cat Rackham

by Steve Wolfhard

Koyama Press

2016, 124 pages, 7.3 x 10.1 x 0.6 inches (hardcover)

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Cat Rackham is an anxious, scruffy, navel-gazing kitty who sometimes likes adventures. But mostly he likes to stare. And sleep. And stare some more. An existential Ziggy, if you will. He has a couple of friends, but he is usually by himself. He doesn't have good luck, and his stories don't have especially happy endings, but they're weirdly charming and, dare I say, humorous. Cat Rackham used to have his own web comic series, created by Adventure Time storyboard artist Steve Wolfhard, until it disappeared for no apparent reason. Fortunately, Koyama Press has just released Cat Rackham, a collection of these comics that are as miserable as they are wonderfully addictive.