Destiny: Rise of Iron launches tomorrow

September 20th, at 2amPST, Bungie's year three update for Destiny, their massively multiplayer FPS, Rise of Iron goes live!

Sporting some of the best FPS game play ever, and a huge online following, Destiny is seeing some major changes in Year 3. Private match-making in custom games is probably the most anticipated, and longly awaited community feature. Destiny: Rise of Iron appears to become a fantastic tournament platform!

A new story mode focusing on the Iron Lords, a legendary band of near extinct Guardians will provide ample opportunity for Bungie to confuse the incredibly disjointed backstory even more, but will likely be AWESOME. It appears Destiny is headed back to a Close-Quaters-Combat meta and the new adventures and weapons will encourage that.

Fans are super excited! There've been lots of community made videos made, eagerly anticipating the launch, but none as much fun as "Rise Up!" by Crucible Radio's Bones. If you play Destiny, the Crucible Radio podcast is a must!