Bungie sues Destiny 2 cheater, wins $12M

In online games like Destiny 2, the pressure to perform and keep up with new content can be intense, which naturally helps hook players into the core monetization scheme. Some, however, turn to cheats instead, relying on breaking the rules entirely. This is where people like Mihai Claudiu-Florentin come in, selling cheats that help less scrupulous players get an edge in the game for a far lower price than paying their way through normal means.

A lawsuit Destiny developer Bungie originally brought against Claudiu-Florentin back in 2021 has finally wrapped up, shutting down his service and putting him on the hook for over twelve million dollars, a sum which he will likely have to spend the rest of his life repaying. It's inarguably harsh, but one gets the sense Bungie wanted to make an example of him to keep their bottom line safe.