"Nerds For Her" unites fandoms behind Hillary Clinton

On its official store, the Hillary Clinton campaign sells merchandise centered on specific identities, like "Latinos for Hillary," "Women for Hillary," and "LGBT for Hillary." And now a new independent organization called Nerds For Her is taking that idea one step further with fandom-themed designs like "Wizards For Her," "Ham4Her," and "Time Lords w/ Her."








According to the site's description:

Let's face it: Hillary Clinton is a nerd.

She's a policy wonk. She's smart and knowledgeable. She's ambitious. In school, she studied hard and got good grades. She started clubs. Does this sound like anyone you know?

Maybe we are talking about Hermione (who happens to have grown up to become Minister for Magic). But we could also be talking about so many other female heroes who have been discounted, disrespected, and held to completely different standards than their male colleagues; heroines who have had to work twice as hard and be twice as smart, just to have a voice at the table.


All of our heroes are flawed in some way. Like every leader before her, Hillary is not a perfect human, a perfect candidate, or a deus ex machina poised to unsnarl every conflict before the credits roll. But she is intelligent. She is tenacious. She is respectful and empathic. She is humble enough to listen and to learn from her constituents, and to evolve her positions in order to best represent the inclusive, progressive movement she has dedicated her life to serving. Intelligence, dedication, and empathy: these are the qualities that we need in a leader.

The site also explains, "Nerds For Her is an independently funded project separate from the Hillary for America campaign. All proceeds from merchandise sales will be reinvested in our efforts to unite fandoms in support of Hillary Clinton this November." And you know Nerds For Her knows its stuff because the site even offers both movie and book versions of the Ravenclaw house colors:


In addition to merchandise, Nerds For Her also offers free "digital flair" to dress up avatars, profile pictures, and websites.



You can learn more about Nerds For Her on its website or on Tumblr and Twitter.