Psychedelic microdosing makes inroads in Silicon Valley

Once the domain of countercultural psychonauts, LSD and mushrooms in one-tenth doses are becoming more popular among you professionals, especially in the tech industry.

Since 2010, on the advice of LSD's discovered Albert Hofmann, Dr. James Fadiman has been encouraging dozen of contacts to keep journals of their experiences microdosing, usually a couple of times a week. Hofmann considered microdosing an understudied frontier, one in which he participated in his later life. Says Fadiman:

"What you get is the best parts of Adderall with none of the side effects. You function better physically and mentally. You find the office jerk bearable and you're more compassionate about the flaws of others," he says. "You feel you've had a pretty good day."

Would you take LSD to give you a boost at work? (WIRED)

Image: Galndancannon

Notable Replies

  1. I do all my best work on macrodoses.

  2. They're onto me.

  3. Well, yeah, but there's this little War On Drugs thing we've been doing these past 40 years or so that means I risk a felony conviction every time.

  4. Saw your posts is gone so i'll edit this out.

    I am hopeful that research into microdosing and psychedelics leads to something useful.

  5. Alright! Encouraging drug use in order to work grueling hours! I love the future!

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