WikiLeaks reveals President Barack Obama's personal email address

The stolen emails recently published by WikiLeaks reveal that President Barack Obama's email address during the presidential transition at the end of the 2008 campaign was

Five emails sent to or from that email address are in the hacked email files of John Podesta, Hillary Clinton campaign chief, which date back to the 2008 campaign. The hacked emails show the Obama team was focused on preparing for the administration transition well before Election Day.

From CNBC:

The Clinton campaign has not confirmed that the emails released by WikiLeaks are legitimate documents, and CNBC cannot independently authenticate the emails.

Obama was so attached to that BlackBerry that he urged White House security officials to come up with a way for him to be the first president to carry a wireless email device as a sitting president. The Secret Service and U.S. intelligence agencies expressed concern about the prospect of foreign intelligence services gaining access to any device that the president would carry. In the end, they developed a secure workaround and the president was able to continue to use mobile email.

Disclosure of emails from Obama himself in the WikiLeaks trove — the theft of which intelligence officials have said was enabled by Russian intelligence — indicated that intelligence officials were right to be concerned about the privacy of the president's communications at the time.