24-hour sale: you can actually live stream from this nano drone

The JetJat Ultra Nano Drone claims to be unlike the average nano drone, and I thought it was worth trying out. These days, many nano drones tend to be too beginner friendly and offer little opportunity to evolve your flying skills. 

At first glance, the biggest difference between JetJat and most drones of this size is the quality camera. I can actually live stream what's below, while flying this little guy inside and outside.

It's really easy to get in the air: just click a button to take off, maintain altitude, and land with the auto-land feature. The controller attaches to your smartphone, and lets you steer the drone using a live streaming view. 

But once the JetJat is in the air, it has a 4-channel control of direction, and can perform flips and tricks. It's a small, nimble drone with the technology I usually see in larger, more expensive options.

The good news is that it's much more affordable than the larger and more pricey drones out there. Plus, today only , you can get the JetJat for just $92.99. This drone retails at $129.99 and is usually on sale for $99.99 in the Boing Boing Store. Don't miss this special price, ending tomorrow.

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