Help Kickstart these cool geometric music controllers

Michael Samuels of Sonic Geometry is Kickstarting a set of polyhedral sound controllers that let users shape sound and light into a multimedia performance. Originally a Master's Thesis project at Berklee School of Music, the prototypes are scheduled for release next year.


Michael says:

The natural symmetries between constructive geometry and familiar tonal structures are many and varied: the five tones of a pentatonic scale map isomorphically to a pentagon; highly-symmetric shapes serve as easy and intuitive user interfaces for navigating data. Sonic Geometry aims to make these relationships immediate and tangible through the engaging, even joyous context of music, creating devices that can be used in settings ranging from a bedroom-studio to a huge, interactive topography of semi-localized interaction/reaction nodes that feed vast collectively-compositional sonic audiovisual architectures.

As with any Kickstarter, caveat emptor. If it seems legit after reading through, consider supporting it!

OTO: Touch the shape of sound (via Our Lady J)