Pay just $1 and learn to code online

You don't need to get an advanced degree and take out massive loans to become a coder. This bundle of 10 courses was designed to teach anyone to code at home for less than it costs to go out for dinner.

I was particularly impressed with this new 2017 bundle because it includes courses on the latest and most relevant technologies. While most affordable coding courses start and end with basic HTML, this bundle covers everything from iOS coding to Python to Google Go and Scala. Google Go and Scala, in particular, are two of the most relevant skills you can have while applying for a coding job with a top tech company.

To purchase this bundle, you have two simple options. You can seriously pay just $1 and get a 38-lecture JavaScript course (valued at $99). If you would like to bring home lifetime access to all 10 courses and 156 hours of training, just beat the average price – currently just $15.10.

Click here to check out the bundle in the Boing Boing Store, and start learning a new, profitable skill.

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