EFF's full-page Wired ad: Dear tech, delete your logs before it's too late

EFF has run a full-page ad in this month's Wired, addressed to the technology industry, under the banner "Your threat model just changed," warning them that the incoming administration has vowed to spy on and deport millions of their fellow Americans on the basis of religion and race, and that they are in grave risk of having their services conscripted to help with this effort. (Trump is also an avowed opponent of net neutrality)

It’s time to unite in defense of users. [EFF]

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  1. To quote Masha Gessen: Surviving autocracy Rule #1: Believe the autocrat.

    Unfortunately a lot of of liberals are stuck in the denial and bargaining stages while time is running out. Having never lived outside their comfortable bubble of relative peace and security, they refuse to face what anyone who paid attention to history already knows, peace and security are the exception, not the norm. This includes most of the technocrats. Their spineless unwillingness to face reality is endangering millions of their fellow Americans. Many of them will or already are becoming quisling collaborators with the incoming fascist administration. The speed with which many have been willing to throw away their avowed principles is sickening. History will not forgive them.

  2. Yep. An issue with the USA is people are polarized into Rep / Democrat. It's politically clever, but cheats people of their ability to express a free choice.

    You're 100% on it with the ostrich syndrome. It's kind of egotistical - they're hating the failure, the incapacity to fend this off - and frankly, they should. A total idiot is now president elect. A dangerous idiot.

    So now really is the time to stand up and be counted, to be aggressive and activist, and not to shirk comfortably away. We cannot afford to try and luxuriously balance all the elements of the ethical equation - the enemy here is smart, fast, and driven.

    So yeah - delete the goddamn logs, now.

  3. There has been plenty of vociferous dissent to Obama's invasive privacy policies, drone program, extrajudicial assassinations et al on this site. It is the main reason I read it daily. bB is also the main outlet reporting on and supporting EFF and their good works.

    The premise of your argument seems to be based on the idea that because bB reportage skews liberal, everyone here is blindly adherent to Democrat policies. Hardly.

    Welcome to bOing bOing. Stick around for a while.

  4. Boing Boing and the EFF have been calling out the Obama administration on these issues for years.

  5. Cory, at least, seems pretty consistent in criticizing Obama when he tries to centralize power.

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