Mumbai's beggars and Trump Tower billboard: not fake news

Last weekend, your social media feed might have featured this photo of beggars sleeping on a pavement in Mumbai, in front of a Trump Tower billboard emblazoned "There is only one way to live. The Trump Way."

Snopes initially identified the image as a doctored fake, but revised that assessment when they heard from the photographer Paul Needham, who initially posted it to Facebook on Aug 27, 2014.

While many people who viewed the image were initially skeptical about its authenticity (including us), the above-displayed image is real. It was originally posted to Facebook on 27 August 2014 by Paul Needham, who took the photograph.

Trump Shillboard
[Dan Evon/Snopes]

Update: A reader points out the similarity between this shot and this classic Margaret Bourke-White 1937 photo: