This recovery app is like insurance for your data

Losing important documents can be a nightmare. The typical wisdom calls for regular backups, but in an emergency, no one has time for a full system restore. Disk Drill PRO had finally given me peace of mind with its powerful technology and multiple restoration options.

A standard backup can save your disk from oblivion, but Disk Drill senses when a disk is failing and repackages it into a mountable disk image, so you can still access important documents from another system.

In addition to your local drive, Disk Drill can also recover from fickle external storage tools like SD Cards and thumb drives. It also works as a cloudless smartphone backup system, letting you recover lost data on both Android and iOS devices in minutes.

I've even used Disk Drill to clean junk from my disk and delete unnecessary duplicate files. Overall, Disk Drill ensures that my important data is safe and grants a little much-needed peace of mind. For a limited time, get a lifetime subscription for 70% off the usual price of $118.