Listen: interview with Mad Magazine's Al Jaffee: 'the longest working cartoonist in history'

Brian from the Recommend if You Like podcast sez, "For episode 200 (MP3), we sat down for a 90 minute interview with Mad Magazine's Al Jaffee, who, at the age of 95 holds the title of 'the longest working cartoonist in history.'"

Weeks before I sat down to record this interview in Al Jaffee’s amazing Manhattan studio, upcoming guest Kid Congo Powers made reference to a club “looking like a scene out of Mad Magazine.” I knew what he meant immediately. The strange cross section of the human experience filtered through the lens of the Usual Gang of Idiots. And at their center is Jaffee.

The cartoonist is now 95 (“closer to 96,” as he handily points out during the interview), with his signature fold-in having appeared in virtual every issue between 1964 and 2008, along with his other mainstays like “Snappy Answers to Stupid Questions.”

The longest working cartoonist in history kindly agreed to sit down for wide ranging interview about life, death, cartooning and the importance of a steady gig. It’s one my absolute highlights of doing the show and great way to spend episode 200.

Episode 200: Al Jaffee [Recommend If You Like]

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  1. I can't even fathom all the ways MAD magazine has influenced me. I think of it as a constant presence in the 70s, when I was growing up. I think it informed and reinforced and echoed my attitude to so many things. I've looked at it a few times since they started accepting ads, and... well... Look, things change.

    But Al Jaffee and the rest of the Usual Gang of Idiots are geniuses, and I will always love them.

  2. Thanks! Interested folks should read his biography as well, he's one tough Jew!

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