Behold the Wall of Genitals

The British have erected a "wall of genitals" so that you may climb upon it. "Ever fancied pulling yourself up a wall by firmly gripping a purple penis? 'Course you have. Haven't we all?"

The "London Grope Mountain," as it is called, builds upon an earlier version created in the United States. It will have an admission fee of £10. There will also be one in Liverpool for the same price, to ensure northern clamberers are well-served.

For its trip to the UK, Grope Mountain now has a higher course and more routes to ascend.

The goal is to reach the top first to become the 'King or Queen of Grope Mountain', but there's an ~artsy~ meaning behind the whole thing, too.

'This journey encourages a rethink of the participants' own body,' explain Bompas & Parr on their website.

'A visit to a conventional climbing wall is always physically engaging but has also been said to be intriguingly erotic: the combination of strength, balance and mental agility exhibited by climbers is enhanced by the voyeurism of spectators watching from behind.

'Grope Mountain turbocharges that [effect], making the erotic nature of the experience all the more manifest for climbers and spectators alike, resulting in an unrivalled date night for Valentine's Day.'

It's interesting to think of the meetings where they decided upon the "art explanation."