Watch backcountry skier accidentally fly off a cliff! (He's fine)

Devin Stratton, 25, was backcountry skiing in Utah's Wasatch Range when he accidentally glided right off a 150-foot cliff. It was unmarked. Above, his Instagram post with the video evidence.

"I [prayed] in my head in midair," Stratton told the Washington Post. "It doesn't sound like it in the raw footage because I'm cussing. But in my head, I was praying."

"We spent nearly five hours where I landed digging, looking for one of my skis. And every time I looked up at the cliff, I felt sick to my stomach," he said. "I'm super lucky to be alive, or at least not hurt … Not even a scratch or a bruise."

He's been skiing several times since last week's accident, but he has a new outlook on the terrain.

"If I'm unfamiliar with the territory, I'm gonna go slow until I know it really well," he said.