Man attempts to stowaway in jet engine

A man tried to hitch a ride on a jet by hiding in one of the engines. It's a good thing he was caught before the pilot started it up.

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Bison scares the heck out of a reporter

NBC's Montana reporter Deion Broxton had a real scare this morning when he noticed – not a group of coughing hikers – but few bison looking for a snack. Once he made it to safety he was able to catch them on video as they leisurely munched on some weeds. Phew, close call!

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Watch a delivery person barely (BARELY!) avoid getting run down by a huge truck

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Rocket failure forces emergency landing by joint American-Russian crew

NASA astronaut Nick Hague and Russian cosmonaut Alexey Ovchinin were forced to make an emergency landing in Kazakhstan this morning during their attempted trip to the International Space Station. The duo were on board a Russian-built Soyuz rocket, launched from the Baikonur cosmodrome in Kazakhstan when, according to early reports from NASA, the rocket's booster failed minutes after liftoff.

NASA reported in a tweet that the “...Soyuz capsule is returning to Earth via a ballistic descent, which is a sharper angle of landing compared to normal.” A search and rescue team was deployed to pick up the astronaut and cosmonaut from the capsule's landing site, approximately 12 miles east of Dzhezkazgan, Kazakhstan.

Roscosmos, the Russian space agency, will be conducting a formal investigation into what went wrong with their rocket.

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One lucky motorcylist

Motorcyclist Malik Elizee is spared as his motorcycle is sent flying in an automotive chain reaction.

Elizee's motorcycle goes sliding away at a near 90degree angle to the direction it, and Elizee were travelling. Elizee lands on his feet and runs with the momentum.

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Man in green suit on baseball field recreates iguana escape scene from Planet Earth II

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Refrigerator stuffed with explosives' final act of defiance against sharpshooter

Closely matched in intelligence, a man and a refrigerator filled with explosives face each other on the battleground in a fight to the death. Only one can survive. Read the rest

Baby's floating device fails, little girl rescues him

This is a recipe for a nightmare - a swimming pool, a baby, a crappy-design floatation device, and no adult supervision. Fortunately a little girl noticed and flipped the kid upright. Question - who was recording this? Read the rest

Flying dumpster attacks man, man calmly walks away

Keep your eyes on the guy entering the parking lot in the upper-left. A dumpster suddenly comes his way and engulfs him, but he emerges apparently unharmed.

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Watch backcountry skier accidentally fly off a cliff! (He's fine)

Devin Stratton, 25, was backcountry skiing in Utah's Wasatch Range when he accidentally glided right off a 150-foot cliff. It was unmarked. Above, his Instagram post with the video evidence. Read the rest

Airplane wing gives man an unwanted haircut

Airplane crashes into another airplane on runway. from WTF

If the plane wing had been an inch lower, or if the pilot would have been an inch taller, this could have been ugly. Read the rest

Driver gets lucky when storm fells tree

December 29, 2014: a windy day during the Australian summer. On a small country road in central Victoria, the storm batters trees looming over the passing vehicles, until the inevitable happens: "This is a great educational video showing the dangers of traveling in the bush during periods of high wind." Read the rest

Welding mishap

This welder was perched on a column when the roof collapsed around him. He didn't fall. Read the rest

Whale watching boat crashes into dock in San Diego

The people standing on the dock were chuckling when they saw this large whale watching boat approach. Read the rest

Bored kid walks away from fence seconds before a car smashes through it

How soon before this shows up in certain Facebook circles as "proof" of guardian angels? Read the rest

Nightmare video: cable snaps on slingshot amusement park ride

A 24-year-old woman broke her leg at Luna Park in Cap d'Agde, France, when one of the two cables attached to the reverse bungee ride she was riding in snapped. The other occupant was uninjured.

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