Trump troll Milo Yiannopoulos resigns from Breitbart, announces plan to launch own media brand

What will happen to Milo Yiannopoulos now that he has 'resigned' from, after tape resurfaced of the alt-right Nazi-lovin' bottle blonde hater making pro-pedophilia comments? He's launching his own media empire, bla bla bla. As soon as the Milo-pedo news cycle ends, he'll be fine.

Are you not more concerned about the dozens of interns credited with his work at, the white supremacist shithole from whence Trump consigliere Steve Bannon emerged like Cthulhu from a sewer? Won't someone think of the 44 interns?

Here's his press conference, followed by live reporting from journalists covering this dumb goat rodeo.

Don't forget. The man Milo worked for is the second most powerful person in the White House today, after Donald Trump. President Milo? Don't laugh too hard.

And this, too: Milo resigned from Breitbart, according to Milo.

He was not fired. Even pedophilia wasn't too low for

IMAGE: Wikimedia/Hughesdarren