Fixing your phone is a game of roulette

As mobile tech has shrank considerably in recent years, it's also become much harder to repair. Moreover, computer equipment manufacturers are constantly pushing against legislation that gives consumers the right to fix their own devices. Instead of submitting to the endless cycle of regular device upgrades and relying on expensive repair services after shattering your phone screen, you could just fix your own stuff.

With this toolkit from the device-teardown gurus at iFixit, you can perform DIY repairs and replace parts on everything from smartphones to desktop towers. It includes all of the odd screwdrivers needed to get inside device casings, as well as plenty of other specific tools to aid in tasks like battery and screen replacements, hard drive swaps, and even household fixes. iFixit even has a library of step-by-step guides on their website to make sure you know exactly what you're doing.

Taking care of your own electronics isn't hard, as long you have the proper equipment to do it. Get this iFixit Essential Electronics Toolkit here for $19.95.